Math and Me

I don’t know how much Math on my mind. I love math. I love while I’m getting stuck on a problem that I didn’t know how to solve. I love being addicted with Math.

In the past, when I was studying in elementary grade, I often participate math competition like Math Olympiad, take part in team challenge of Math Competition, etc. And it continued when I was in junior high and high school. While in high school, I met a girl who also likes mathematics. I often invited him to discuss some math problems together. Even, we’ve participated the math competition together. And she became my chair mate until graduation. I love her. I think she loves me too, but I wrong. She doesn’t love me. Huhu..

I have been blessed to live in many different part of the Indonesia: Jakarta, Sumatra Utara, Jawa Barat, Riau, and in the DI Yogyakarta. Was born in Jakarta, lived in Medan, Bekasi, Dumai and now in Yogyakarta. Now, I am studying in Yogyakarta State University and I take mathematics concentrations. Because, become a teacher of mathematics are my future goals. I would be the best teacher of math.

In the future, there’s no way of knowing exactly where I will go or what I will do next, I will tell you what I have planned in the immediate future as well as some possibilities for where I see myself going in the long-haul. I want to be a good teacher of math, teaching in a good high school, and will marry a girl who loves mathematics. At the very least, the next 3 years will give me ample opportunity to continue coaching my mind, make new friends, and enjoy being a college student.


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